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Helping businesses tell their story through creativity.



We delivering high quality design solutions to help your business be seen and heard.


We help your business reach your target market through quality design.


We create artistic narrative films that relate your brand to your audience.


We create imaginative commissioned art for book covers, t-shirts, clothing, prints and offices.


We are artists, designers and filmmakers coming together to create inspired work for your business.


Tell your story through design, branding, film and advertising.



Established in 2006 as a lofty dream of a young designer, Oddlife Designs has been moving forward at a steady pace, always looking to continue its goal in advancing the fields of design, film & art, as well as producing innovative and inspiring creations for our clients.


We have always wanted to help other creatives grow and become known to the world. This is why we are a creative collective. The goal of the collective is to bring together innovative and inspiring creatives from all over and join them together to work on groundbreaking projects.


Great To Work With

As the owner of a backpackers who does not possess even the vaguest amount of creative ability, it was really great to work with Andrew, who just seems to "get" the concepts I poorly describe to him. What really helped me was Andrew's years of design experience, and I quickly learned to listen and take his advice, as looking back at some of my initial ideas they were frankly quiet shoddy, but Andrew graciously steered me in the right direction and created the wonderful brand that I proudly promote today.

Frank de Graaf
Owner, Pumbas Backpackers

Reliable And Professional

We have been working with Andrew and Oddlife Designs for more than five years, starting with our first website back in 2009. From there Andrew has assisted us immensely with not only web design, but web development, various corporate identities, application design and image galleries as well. We have always found Andrew to be reliable and professional, and his design capabilities are in a league of their own.

Brendan White
CEO, Connet Systems

They Delivered And In Spades

When I launched the project for my free-to-download physical science textbook based on the matric syllabus in 2012, Natuur- en Skeikunde 101, I was fooling myself by thinking that I would simply do all the illustrations for the book myself. After finally completing the text for the book in 2013 I realized that it would have been an impossible task to produce any illustrations for the book myself, the quantity was just too much and the quality that I needed was just too high.

Placing my need in the hopefully altruistic hands of the industry at large, I approached Oddlife Designs with my cap in my hands to ask if they would be willing to donate some of their spare time (actually a whole lot of it) to my non-profit cause. At this stage Andrew Spies steps forward and proclaims a willingness to help. A few emails back and forth and some terribly drawn hand illustrations from my side later and Andrew sends me the first batch of drawings. Not only were they everything I needed, they were everything I wanted!

Andrew and Oddlife Designs didn't just step up to the plate to take on the project, they delivered, and in spades. I am ecstatic about the quality of work that Andrew was willing to do for me. My project would not have been quite the same without his tireless effort. I will gladly work with Andrew again any day!

Stefan Foot
Author, Natuur en Skeikunde 101


Articles and information shared by our creatives.
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Jul 0

Concept Art by Darek Zabrocki

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Adobe Cannes Lions by Adam Spizak

Adam Spizak never ceases to impress us with his incredible and inspiring work. Today we share the illustration he created for Adobe Cannes Lions to celebrate Photoshop’s 25th anniversary. As usual the composition is full of details mixing light effects, 3D and a lot of style. Every time I see this type of work I […]

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